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Twitch employs a various set of workflows and tests for the unique services they offer to better the health care of employees of a company. The web application built for contains various modules such as Healthcare questionnaires for clients, Ability to book appointments, Record test results on the system, Maintenance of Journal for each client containing their medical history and services used.

As Twitch was facing a lot of issues with their previous vendor, mDrift took over maintenance and development of Twitch’s systems from the said vendor and immediately started to learn the system, document the system and advice client on updates and developments required in the system to secure and optimise the current system.


  • Twitch’s system was developed by multiple vendors over the years with each of them adding modules required by client over the others without proper planning or documentation. Twitch faced a lot of recurrent issues in the system due to lack of clarity from the vendors on the overall architecture. mDrift completely documented the system and made modifications to optimise the architecture of the system.
  • Twitch Booking: A booking engine built on .NET platform for corporates and its employees to schedule appointments and health checkups.
  • Twitch Drupal: All the admin functionalities such as customer management, employee management, test results management & payment administration are carried out through a system custom built on Drupal platform.
  • Twitch’s system has payment gateway integration as well as remote test administration facilities custom built to cater to client’s requirements.
  • Twitch’s system also has a self service section where employees of organizations registered with Twitch will be able to log in to view their personalized test results, book appointments, contact their physician as well as compare their health status with the national average.
  • Organizations also can login to view the overall health status of their employees, schedule test sessions and analyze the effect of workload being placed on their employees.


Twitch is currently serving top MNCs in Sweden and the system has grown to support the client ever expanding requirements

About the client


Twitch is a healthcare consultancy company that specialises in corporate & employee healthcare management with solutions built around digital services

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