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mDrift delivered a survey application for our client to digitalise the data collection and trade capabilities of farmers in Africa

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Our client wanted to build a survey application that was capable of collecting data from farmers about their farmland, produce etc.This data was then used centrally across the department to facilitate trade, provide supplies to farmers, advice farmers on best practices among other functions of the department.

The system was designed with multiple field issues in mind such as expected loss of network during field work, extensive workflows to cater across the wide geographic reach of Zambia etc.


    1. Cloud based admin: Administrators can log into a cloud platform to upload forms, view submitted results, manage field agents and export data to other applications.
    2. Form generation based on excel sheet: To facilitate use by non tech savvy admins, the form can be created in excel which on upload into the web app will generate the form to be filled in by field agents. We created complex algorithms to enable functionalities such as groups, repeat questions based on a input, 8 types of questions and geo lock, all of which can be specified in excel by text input, but will generate the complex web form automatically.
    3. Map based result: Since the field agents are required to collect information from remote locations in Africa, and also needed to collect Geo-location based data, a map based UI was developed to view the results of the survey.
    4. Location based data retrieval: Historical data previously collected and specific to the user being visited could be retrieved based on the location of field agents requesting historical data.
    5. Bulk export of data collected: Admin can export bulk data collected by field agents into excel or CSV format for ingestion into other applications or further analysis of the data


The application is currently in use by our client in the field. Since the deployment, mDrift has worked on the application to add more geo-based capabilities to the mobile app

About the client

Economic Survey Authority

Economic Survey Authority

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