A Swedish news portal aimed at serving people with hearing and eyesight disabilities

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8sidor.se is a Swedish news portal that seeks to serve the people with disabilities such as hearing impairment, eyesight impairment etc. mDrift developed special tools and features into the website so that even heavily disabled people could navigate and consume news articles being published on the website.

mDrift built not only a web application but also a accompanying iOS and Android mobile applications.

The website being maintained by mDrift was later acquired by Swedish government due to its much revered service to people with disabilities


    1. Navigation: 8Sidor website had to be designed for navigation primarily supporting users with disabilities pertaining to eyesight and hearing. mDrift designed and implemented specific tools to optimise machine read out content, automatically subtitle video files etc.
    2. Custom Search: Due to expected lack of tech savviness of disabled users and high categorization of news in the website, the search was custom built from scratch to search for and return content as envisioned by the client & expected by the user.
    3. Migrating & merging legacy content: Original 8Sidor website & its political news section ‘Alla Valjare’ was built on separate platforms Umbraco & WordPress respectively. We had to migrate & merge both websites and remove duplicate content which they had published on both website.
    4. Huge Database: When both the clients websites were merged together, the database turned out to be huge. Since WordPress is not optimized to handle more than 10000 rows and our database was approx. 30000 rows, we did extensive optimization on WordPress’s core as well as on frontend JavaScript to make the website as nimble and fast as possible


mDrift successfully delivered a complete portal catering to unique & stringent requirements of the client, which later went on to be acquired by Sweden’s government

About the client


8Sidor is a Swedish newspaper. The magazine is published once a week, on Wednesdays. The circulation is about 9500 copies. Reader surveys show that every publication has about 100,000 readers, evenly distributed across Sweden www.8sidor.se

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