Getting The Most Value from Your ERP Software Demo

The ERP software demo is one of the most crucial stages in your vendor selection. If it is correctly utilized, the ERP software demo can be much more than introductions to a product. It can provide valuable vendor insights and also give you the opportunity to uncover your exact requirements.

It takes careful planning and teamwork to get the most out of your ERP software demo. The goal for the demo, isn’t about matching your needs to the product features, functionalities, and offers, but to go beyond it. At the end of the ERP software demo, you should have a good grasp of what the vendor is offering you in terms of levels of support, implementation phases and processes, and most important, how customizable is their solution to your business in the future.

Below are four tips to ensure you get the most value out of your ERP software demo :

Prior To The ERP Software Demo, Make A List of Your Requirements

Make sure you know what you are looking for before scheduling a demo with your ERP software vendor. There is a clear cut between your needs and your wants, where your “needs” should be fixed and non-negotiable. This helps filter out ERP solutions that do not match your needs even before a demo is scheduled. 

Your “wants” can be more flexible, that should add real value to the solution. Do not get distracted by the gleaming benefits that software vendors may throw at your during the ERP software demo, instead focus on the core business processes. Your employees will be using the software, so imagine their work process to give you a better visualization of what is necessary.

Have Your Target Questions Ready

Most software vendors will start the demo by asking you about your company and its workflow processes. That is one way of determining whether your business will be a good fit for their product/solution. Make sure that the vendor isn’t the one that decides, be proactive in getting the information that you need for your business.

By having a prepared list of questions, you are creating an outline of how the ERP software demo will take place. Having an idea of what features or processes are an integral aspect for your team, and start with those questions. Based on the response the software vendor gives, you will have a clearer understanding of how much more time you should invest with them.

It’s always good to research common questions about ERP software to help you get familiarized with the solution. Also put your company first, so when reviewing them check and see how it can be customized to your company an industry. 

Demo Recordings Are Key

In making a decision if that ERP software is the right solution for you requires multiple decision makers, and having a recorded ERP software demo helps to showcase why this demo could be the right fit for your business.

In that scenario, it may not be enough to take notes. A screen recording will produce the most accurate version of your conversation and allow all team members to see what the product looks like. Especially if your decision process takes time, it’s good to have documentation for reference.

A recorded screening of the demo will provide the most accurate version of the ERP software demo  that will allow all team members to see exactly what the product or solution looks like, with its live functionalities. If your decision process is lengthy, it’s always good to have some sort of documentation for reference.

Request for further information

As your team and yourself are in the ERP software demo, questions about features are potential areas where you can deep dive into with the vendor. Attention to detail in the demo is crucial, and you should follow up on anything that is either interesting or unclear during the ERP software demo.

Since ERP systems are very complex, demos are the best way  of understanding the value of the product. During the ERP software demo, vendors usually guide the entire demo, and you will have more questions than answers towards the end of the demo. The best way to go about a demo are through mutual exchanges of questions and answers to reach a viable goal for both parties.

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