Project Management Tools for Helping Businesses and Vendors

It is feasible for the whole businesses to be managed remotely. It is also possible for people to work and be fruitful without going to the workplace. An ever-increasing number of organizations are adopting simplified ways to employ virtual workers for different projects. For numerous organizations, being a remote group provides them great value and is definitely becoming a more traditional way to run a team by the day. A team of employees can be distributed in all parts of the globe, however that has its own set of difficulties.

In the event that your organization comprises of several teams, you will certainly have team leaders. You speak with them regularly to get updates on progress, to determine issues, and to give resources when necessary. Some of these interactions may be digital. Few of it may be in person. By making use of remote teams, businesses can employ experts to deal with various projects or tasks. This is a good method for cutting expense and frequently improving the output of employees. While there are numerous advantages to remote team management, it can be a huge challenge. To ensure the success, team players need to collaborate and should have a consistent way of sharing thoughts with ease and efficiency.

There are a plenty of tools and systems exists to assist; however, such tools are nice-to-have for co-located teams and they are the backbone of a virtual team. To ease the remote team management, here is a list of fundamental tools that can work for any business’s operation:

Tools for Communication


Slack takes all your work communication jointly in one place. It offers instantaneous messaging, archiving and search for teams. You can sync all your further remote tools with Slack as well, so you obtain all your platform notifications in one place.

A slack app is intended to make creating apps simpler, more enjoyable as well as creative. Accessing slack’s developer tools and documentation need parsing through the slack API site in another browser. With SDT, you can obtain fast, instructional guidance right in your slack workspace, crafting it easier and quicker to find out how to make an app using slack APIs. SDT also provides you access to analyze the code and structure behind any message. The tool not only makes it easy for an admin to access the whole thing with a few clicks but also allows automatic exports to be listed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

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The latest tool will be capable to export all of the information that your slack settings formerly retained. Whereas before, if you were up on slack policy, you could feel quite relaxed that your private conversations were private except you got that Compliance Exports notification. After the notification, you’d wish to make sure you didn’t discuss potentially sensitive subjects in slack. Now, anybody who was under the impression that they were rather safe might have some concerns. Direct messages can comprise up to 9 people (the creator plus eight people). Once started the direct message group can also be changed to a private channel. is a cloud-based application that lets people, businesses as well as organizations to meet online for different tasks in an instant. It’s a company under the parent company, LogMeIn. The application presents feature-rich video conferencing and two reasonable plans. Monthly fees are asked per registered user and simply meeting hosts require an account helping to keep costs down. Flaunting an easy, user-friendly structure, creates it simple for companies to begin or focus a meeting, collaborate and split ideas and talk about business even when they are nowhere next to their desktops. Its user interface (UI) is responsive and modern but setting up meetings couldn’t be easier.

They can conduct personalized URL meetings with only one code and ask users with simple, automated email notifications. All attendees will thus get instructions on how to join the meeting, and be allowed to share screens and give both audio and video. An alternative to record meetings and maintain them in the database is also available. One more unique advantage of this system is that it needs no installations or costly training, as it is hosted in the cloud and ready to run upon completion. It incorporates with contact management and email systems to ease contact import and merges easily in all corporate ecosystems.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a communications platform that unites video calling, voice calling as well as text-based messaging into a solitary service. It is the successor to numerous other Google services, counting Google+ Hangouts (video chat), Google+ Messenger (messaging) and Google Talk (VoIP). It is comparable to Microsoft Skype and Facebook Messenger. Google Hangouts can be a helpful and cost-effective platform for enterprise clientele as well. Hangouts additionally have an option called Google Hangouts on Air, which permits Google+ users to transmit video calls live on YouTube. Hangouts on Air have expanded traction as a freeway for companies to organize online seminars and talk shows.

Hangouts chat maintains several things alike. Chats are conducted in rooms, the same as chat rooms in elder chat apps or channels in Slack. Whether you desire to talk to someone, you’ll send them a direct message or DM in a private, message-focused chat. Hangouts chat features have dedicated virtual rooms for every task or project. They comprise of threaded conversations, so your panel can chat and track the growth of the discussion. It has a strong integration with G Suite, thus you can share content from your Drive and Docs or you can analyze things like photos and videos openly from chat.

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For Hangouts, the dissimilarity between the paid version and a free version is small: The free version restricts video meetings to 10 members, whereas a Google Apps for work account carry up to 25 members. Furthermore, you can generate named video meetings with the paid version and make Hangouts that are limited to users with accounts in your company’s domain.


Skype is an IP telephony service provider that presents free calling among subscribers and low-cost calling to people who don’t utilize the service. Skype has broken several fences to communication. Whereas in the past you required to take special care of the minutes and seconds you use speaking on international calls, you no longer have to bother about that. If you utilize Skype to create PC to PC communication, which is free, compared to the monthly Internet service, which you would anyway have paid with no Skype. Other than normal telephone calls; Skype allows file transfers, messaging, video chat as well as video conferencing. The service is accessible for desktop computers, notebook, tablet computers, mobile phones, etc. Many companies, including Skype, fabricate dedicated Skype phones. A function called SkypeOut permits calls to normal telephones, such calls are charged to a prepaid account or to a flat-fee annual subscription.

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Skype attained a peak of more than a million registered users. Skype for Business is an immediate messaging as well as online audio/video meetings tool. It is an application inside the Microsoft Office 365 Suite of products. It lets you talk and meet with your colleagues, across the office or crosswise the world. Skype is extremely rich in features and remains to innovate with its most recent Skype Translate feature that permits people to chat in diverse languages.

Tools for Project Management


Basecamp is a real-time communication tool that assists teams to continue on the same page. It has many bases when it comes to running projects and personnel tasks, although members of your team are time zones apart from each other.

What is actually significant to know about the tool is that you will be dealing with a reliable organization that has been guiding the project management industry for years, investing frequently in simplifying innovations that work best even for the most complex and cumbersome projects. With to-do-lists, calendaring, due dates, etc., linking a project manager, a designer, a developer and at least three stakeholders on the customer side, there will be potentially a massive amount of interaction. Basecamp has the power to put this all in a single place, where all parties can access it with separate parts for messages, tasks, and assignments. It likewise gives a way for teams to maintain track of priorities.

Basecamp approaches with countless features and tools that let companies to proficiently observe their projects and get things completed on time and on budget. The most vital functionalities are diverse in an intuitive and user-friendly program, which you can run in minutes. Unlike the majority of project management platforms, Basecamp is hosted in the cloud and presented as a service, and you will never need to take care of maintenance and updates. Even though you’re paying your monthly bill, the system has all IT technical issues covered for you.


Trello is one of the major project management apps accessible on the market. It is a unique project management tool, whether you want to arrange the work of an entire team or to improve your own efficiency. If you want to manage a team workflow, you can utilize it in any part of your business, from software development to promoting and design. It doesn’t matter if your staffs are at the next desk or somewhere else, location is not an issue. Trello is an amazingly versatile tool for project management. Its flexibility permits it to be a simple tool for an individual organization or a great engine for product development with big teams.

Trello presents several important benefits. Primarily, Trello is easy to use. The card system holds all possible pieces of information about a project. Drag and drop functionality is useful and the interface permits in-line editing. The website is likewise available from any browser. It maintains things controlled when the cards placed in lists to track the growth of a project, allocate categories, or just keeps things in order.

Lists can be completely personalized, and collaboration takes place in real time. Workers get notified of the newest developments in a project and alterations made appear directly on screen. There are also instant notifications alert customers when fresh tasks have been assigned or when updates and modifications were made on the project.

  • Apollo 

Apollo is the cutting-edge software that was made using JavaScript to make project managers’ lives easier. It is the next-generation web-based application that allows you to handle the working and personal life under your control. With Apollo, you will never miss out a deadline or even an individual appointment. With this tool, you can observe what is happening in your business and personal life. So that you can focus on getting things done.

With this tool, you can distinguish clearly what you need to accomplish, keep a detailed record of the tasks you have finished and even how long it took you to finish so. The tool joins different tasks, like handling projects, calendars, contacts, and more in a single, powerful and well-organized workspace. This makes it special from its opponents that tend to present separate and numerous applications (Project management, Contacts, etc.) which unfortunately do not communicate easily between each other.

Apollo is the project management and CRM platform for small trade. With this tool, you can track your projects and your employees more efficiently. This software gives the ideal digital assistance because it tracks your business actions to alert you each time an attention is required in a specific area. As a result, you can perform your business tasks without the fret of being overwhelmed by everyday activities.

At mDrift Technologies, custom software solutions is our DNA. We’ve been able to integrate all the features of project management functionalities with other business tools to give a one stop solution for running your business. Contact us and get your digital transformation today!

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