Resource Augmentation

Expanding your product and technology team with us. Team to deliver, trust and scale up with, in today's rapidly changing technology scenario

IT Talent on Demand

Our Resource Augmentation solution provides you with the people you need to overcome your recruitment hurdles and realise your ambitions. We quickly deploy as many or as few talent resources as you need to complement your existing in-house team. Completely scalable, you can resolve specific talent issues without the commitment of fully outsourcing your recruitment needs.

Support your in-house team and drive projects forward with flexible access to talent.

What our services do

Deployed in 15 days

We can source, assess and deploy your ideal candidates swiftly, so they can start adding value to your projects straightaway.

Managed by you, employed by us

We oversee the management of performance, objectives and development pathways for talent - so all you'll need to do is manage their workload.

A decade of experience in Software Engineering

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Product Engineering

Design and Develop your platform end to end

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IP Development

Research and Innovate with IP Development Services

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Devops and Automation

Automate your CI/CD workflow with failproof workflow solutions

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Artificial Intelligence

Predictions, Categorization and Generative UI

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