Making An Income Through Value Added Ways For Your Software Projects

There are numerous myths about open source software (OSS) and maybe the most widely recognized is ‘open source and profit are mutually exclusive’. There are individuals who trust that all software ought to be open and free, yet they are a minority. Software requirements gathering, planning, and scheduling are interrelated. In the event that you adopt the wrong strategy with one of them, then your whole software development processes will collapse like a house of cards.

Benefiting from an OSS, developer needs a slight change in perspective. Before seeing your software as the product itself, try to see your software as a platform that makes way for other income streams. Regardless of whether you are the architect of an open source project or a specialist in one, here are the best ways in which you can profit utilizing your skills with open source programming.

Offer Support and Services

By a long shot, the most well-known strategy for money is to give a service alongside the OSS product. Pick any OSS project from the market and there’s a good possibility that they use this strategy in some way.

Regardless of releasing your source code for free, you can simply discover the potential clients who need to utilize your software, that don’t have the knowledge, time, or energy to compile it all alone. These clients are readily eager to pay you to compile your own code on their behalf.

You understand your software the best. You can sell that skill to clients as services that save them time and frustration. Most organizations value their time more than their cash, so this is an incredible approach, particularly for server-based software.

On the off chance that your software is extremely complex with a steep learning curve, organizations may enlist you to teach their workers directly. If your software is admired enough, you could hold workshops for people who need to learn everything from the basics to the higher technical aspects.

Sell Value-Added Enhancements

 Despite the fact that the open source programming might be free, you can create as well as offer add-ons that give extra value. For instance, the open source WordPress blogging platform incorporates support for themes or visual formats. A few organizations have created this, for example, WooThemes and AppThemes, who offer polished themes for WordPress.

Both the original creators and third-parties can create and offer improvements for open source projects, making this option a great opportunity for profiting.

Sell Instruction Material

Clients of OSS have tended to be those who are self-taught and independent. They need to pick through your code and find everything at their own pace. For these clients, lectures and workshops are off the table, rather they lean toward the hands-on material. You can sell this material to them and they’ll certainly pay for it.

Numerous OSS projects incorporate documentation for free and there is nothing incorrect with that. A great documentation is tedious to deliver and exceedingly significant to such an extent that it is worthy of a price tag. For the individuals who would prefer not to pay, they can just polish the source code itself.

Whenever paid documentation doesn’t sit well with you, you can simply release it for free and after that charge for tutorial resources. This applies more to difficult systems like game engines and less for singular applications.

 Sell Binaries

The open source code is just a source code. In some computer languages like C++, the source code can’t be run directly. It should initially be compiled into what is known as a binary or machine code. Binaries are precise to each operating system.

Most open source licenses don’t require the maker to give away free access to compiled binaries, just to the source code. While anybody can download your source code and make their very own binary, numerous individuals either don’t know how or won’t have any interest to take the time.

If you have the expertise to make compiled binaries, you can legally sell access to these binaries for various OS similar to Windows and MacOS.

Paid Plugins and Enhancements

Depending on the open source license that ties a specific OSS project, you can mix and match an open platform with paid extensions or developments. This may be viewed as tricking the OSS values but it’s more typical than you might suspect.

Think about the most booming web systems like WordPress. It’s offered free of charge for anybody to utilize and alter, but there are lots of WordPress experts who make a living by creating and selling WordPress plugins. You can present the base software for free and sell your own extensions for higher features.

Another model is the Unity game engine, which is accessible in free and paid versions. In any case, the Unity Asset Store which is an essential marketplace where clients can make as well as offer plugins for others to utilize. Unity gets a cut of every sale and those individual sales do include over time.

Offering your product in a free and paid form is nothing new and it’s totally authentic for OSS products too. Much of the time, the free version is open source while the paid version is closed source, yet it doesn’t really have to be that way.

These aren’t the only means to make money as an OSS developer, yet they’ve been proven. Admittedly, it may be harder to earn an income with OSS, but it’s definitely not impossible. Now it’s up to you how much time and effort you wish to spend and support your work!

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